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Sherlock Series 4 Hits Netflix

Sherlock Series 4 has hit Netflix!

Let the celebrations begin for lovers of the series, especially for those without BBC America.

As usual, the series is only three episodes long, with each just short of being an hour and a half.

Series 4 begins with the possible return of Moriarty, as teased at the end of Series 3.

Toby Jones has joined the series as Culverton Smith, and also appears to be at odds with Sherlock and Watson.

Sian Brooke also comes into the series as none other than Eurus Holmes, sister to Sherlock and Mycroft.

From the trailer, we also know that Mrs. Hudson and Mycroft apparently have a showdown.

And near the end of the trailer, we saw Sherlock being absolutely afraid of something, though what we don’t know.

Anyways, you definitely know what I’ll be watching tonight, as I’m sure many of you will be doing as well.