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Blizzard Announces Doomfist, Overwatch’s First Villain

Blizzard has announced a new character will be joining Overwatch.

Doomfist is the game’s first outright villain, who apparently leads Talon.

All of the previous baddies have either been brainwashed, corrupted by something, or are simply misunderstood.

In the game’s lore, he is also known as “The Successor” as he is the third person to wear the Doomfist title.

“Scourge of Numbani” is already an enemy of Genji, Tracer, and Winston he is coming into the game to be a character who is evil.

He could be the signal for mad truly bad characters to join the game, leading to more of a good vs. evil fighting concept.

Overwatch Summer Games Should Be Coming Soon

Overwatch’s Summer Games should be making their return soon.

The 2016 games were a hit with most players.

Since then, Overwatch has had several other seasonal events and their summer one will be coming soon.

At this point, not much is known about what will happen as part of the event.

It does appear that Lucioball will be returning and that there will be new cosmetic items, including skins and emotes.

Expect more information about the event to come soon.

Overwatch Rap Battle

We found a treat for you today and a fantastic way to open up our new Overwatch section to the site.

A group of French Overwatch fans got together and made a rap battle featuring characters from the game.

They also took the time to make some amazing cosplays.

For those of you who have never heard rapping in French, you’re in for an even bigger mind opener, as the video is completely in French, though there are English subtitles.

Everything about this video is quite well done.

Our only dislike is that more of the characters didn’t get to participate.

Overwatch Voice Actors Dancing Like Their Characters

As part of Overwatch’s anniversary event, Blizzard created dances for each of the characters.

In a response, the voice actors got together and taped themselves doing their characters’ dances.

Someone was also nice enough to put in screenshots of the characters doing the dances, in the corner of the screen.

Blizzard Reveals 11 New Skins For Overwatch Anniversary

Overwatch’s Anniversary event has begun.

As part of it, Blizzard had promised new skins and a ton of new cosmetics for the game. The 11 new legendary skins each cost 3,000 gold. Check out our gallery below, where all eleven can be seen.

A special Overwatch: Game of The Year Edition is now be available for sale, until the end of the event. It comes with 10 free loot boxes, as well as all of the other anniversary content.

This weekend, May 26-29, the game will also be free. This will allow new players to give the game a test run.

The anniversary event continues through June 12.

Overwatch Anniversary

Overwatch’s one year anniversary is coming up, on May 24. To celebrate, Blizzard is getting several specials ready both in the real world and in the game.

The Overwatch Anniversary event is scheduled to from May 23 through June 12. As part of it, new maps will be unveiled, special skins will be available, there are going to be new dancing emotes, and possibly new voice lines.

A special Overwatch: Game of The Year Edition will also be available for sale, during that time. It comes with 10 free loot boxes, as well as all of the other anniversary content.

For next weekend, May 26-29, the game will also be free. This will allow new players to give the game a test run.

Overwatch Dropped by 5 Professional Gaming Teams

The last eight days have seen a lot of shake up in the Overwatch and professional gaming communities.

During that time five different groups have dropped their Overwatch players.

Each of the organizations stated that the costs of joining Blizzard’s Overwatch league were a major factor in the decision.

Denial Esports was the first, on May 2.

They have since been followed by Red Reserve and Team SoloMid on May 5, compLexity on May 8, and Splyce on May 9.

Red Reserve did note that the lack of enthusiasm in Europe for the game, played a factor.

Blizzard had no comment regarding the drops, only further emphasizing their ongoing discussions with various owners of NFL, MLB, and NBA teams.