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Tucson’s Nerd Gym About to Open New Location

Tucson’s Nerd Gym is about to open a new location.

The Nerd Gym‘s new location will be at 15 E. Toole Ave, and will be open as of Wednesday.

It is a bigger space that will allow for them to do more events.

Their current location at 3870 W. River Road, Suite 108 will close on December 22.

The gym regularly hosts nerd events such as cosplay and craft nights, with the last being Wonder Woman themed and the next being Star Wars.

They also have various superhero themed training and allow gym members to exercise in costume.

Los Angeles to Honor Adam West by Lighting Bat-Signal

Los Angeles is preparing to honor Adam West by lighting a Bat-signal.

West, who famously played Batman in the late 60s, died on June 9, at the age of 88.

To honor his memory Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck will project the signal onto City Hall., on Thursday night beginning at 21:00 PDT.

The ceremony will take place on Thursday night beginning at 21:00 PDT.

Guests are allowed to begin arriving at 20:00, at 200 N. Spring St.

Cosplays will be allowed at the event.

Omaze Brings Back Dodgeball

Dodgeball is back and it is up to you to pick your team.

Would you want to play as one of the Purple Cobras? Or are you more of an Average Joe’s person?

Either way, it is for charity.

Ben Stiller has teamed up with Omaze to raise money for the Stiller Foundation.

Anyone who donates through Omaze is entered to win the grand prize, participating in a game of dodgeball, with the cast of Dodgeball the movie.

After the game, the winner also gets to grab pizza with Ben.

Zachary Levi Joins Psych With Pineapple Incident

A glorious nerd moment happened on the set of the Psych movie.

Dule Hill starts it off holding a pineapple,

What up Psychos? Real quick. Pop question.

Then James Roday asks,

What is this called?

Suddenly Zachary Levi shows up and says,

I believe that’s a pineapple. Isn’t that right Chucksters?

For us Chucksters, we know that the pineapple is a sign of extreme danger.

This video was also how they’ve chosen to announce that Zachary has joined the cast of the movie.

Apparently, he is going to be playing the villain, hence his bleached blonde hair.

Pysch is due out this December, on the USA Network.

Production Finished For Tomb Raider

Production has finished for the upcoming Tomb Raider.

A reboot of the movie, based on the video games, it stars Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft.

The movie is set seven years after Lara’s father, Lord Richard Croft (Dominic West), has disappeared.

Lara is 21 and not wanting anything to do with her father’s fortune.

However, something pushes her to investigate her father’s disappearance, beginning in his last known location, an island off the coast of Japan.

Walton Goggins plays Mathias Vogel, the film’s villain, while Daniel Wu plays Lu Ren, who is trying to aid Lara in her search.

Tomb Raider is set for a release on March 16, 2018.

Avalon Hill Announces Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate

Avalon Hill has announced their newest game, Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate.

The game takes the concept from Betrayal at House on a Hill and puts in into the Forgotten Realms of Dungeons and Dragons.

It will include 50 haunts, 47, location tiles, 86 cards, 18 monsters, and 12 adventurers.

The haunts in Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate pull from the legends and lore of Dungeon and Dragons and Baldur’s Gate, meaning D&D fans will find them very familiar.

In this version of Betrayal, Avalon Hill took the time to “clarify and streamline some of the rules fans may have found confusing”.

For anyone unfamiliar with Betrayal at House on A Hill, the game focuses on a haunted house.

Players randomly draw from the location tiles as they explore the house.

Somewhere during the exploration, a haunt is triggered and one of the players becomes the traitor.

Once that occurs, the rest of the players have one set of rules for dealing with the haunt, while the traitor has another.

Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate is set for an October release.

Movie Cats Recreates Famous Movie Scenes

There are many things to be found around the world of social media that involve just an extra bit of nerdiness.

One such example is the Instagram account Movie Cats.

It is run by a couple David and Sarah, who live in the UK.

They recreate famous movie scenes with their cats, Tara and Willow.

David and Tara normally star in the photos, which began appearing back in September.

So far they have done twelve movies and plan to do many more famous scenes.