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Blizzard Announces Doomfist, Overwatch’s First Villain

Blizzard has announced a new character will be joining Overwatch.

Doomfist is the game’s first outright villain, who apparently leads Talon.

All of the previous baddies have either been brainwashed, corrupted by something, or are simply misunderstood.

In the game’s lore, he is also known as “The Successor” as he is the third person to wear the Doomfist title.

“Scourge of Numbani” is already an enemy of Genji, Tracer, and Winston he is coming into the game to be a character who is evil.

He could be the signal for mad truly bad characters to join the game, leading to more of a good vs. evil fighting concept.

Overwatch Summer Games Should Be Coming Soon

Overwatch’s Summer Games should be making their return soon.

The 2016 games were a hit with most players.

Since then, Overwatch has had several other seasonal events and their summer one will be coming soon.

At this point, not much is known about what will happen as part of the event.

It does appear that Lucioball will be returning and that there will be new cosmetic items, including skins and emotes.

Expect more information about the event to come soon.

Hasbro Announces Clue Comic Book Series

Hasbro has announced a new comic book series.

The six-episode series will be based on the board game Clue.

Paul Allor is set to write the series, while Nelson Daniel is doing the art.

It begins when a diverse group of people are all invited to dinner at a mansion.

However, during the night, the mansion’s owner is killed.

While there won’t be any obvious statements about who the murderer is, until the end of the sixth installment, there will be clues hidden throughout the pages of all issues.

Production Finished For Tomb Raider

Production has finished for the upcoming Tomb Raider.

A reboot of the movie, based on the video games, it stars Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft.

The movie is set seven years after Lara’s father, Lord Richard Croft (Dominic West), has disappeared.

Lara is 21 and not wanting anything to do with her father’s fortune.

However, something pushes her to investigate her father’s disappearance, beginning in his last known location, an island off the coast of Japan.

Walton Goggins plays Mathias Vogel, the film’s villain, while Daniel Wu plays Lu Ren, who is trying to aid Lara in her search.

Tomb Raider is set for a release on March 16, 2018.

Overwatch Voice Actors Dancing Like Their Characters

As part of Overwatch’s anniversary event, Blizzard created dances for each of the characters.

In a response, the voice actors got together and taped themselves doing their characters’ dances.

Someone was also nice enough to put in screenshots of the characters doing the dances, in the corner of the screen.

Avalon Hill Announces Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate

Avalon Hill has announced their newest game, Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate.

The game takes the concept from Betrayal at House on a Hill and puts in into the Forgotten Realms of Dungeons and Dragons.

It will include 50 haunts, 47, location tiles, 86 cards, 18 monsters, and 12 adventurers.

The haunts in Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate pull from the legends and lore of Dungeon and Dragons and Baldur’s Gate, meaning D&D fans will find them very familiar.

In this version of Betrayal, Avalon Hill took the time to “clarify and streamline some of the rules fans may have found confusing”.

For anyone unfamiliar with Betrayal at House on A Hill, the game focuses on a haunted house.

Players randomly draw from the location tiles as they explore the house.

Somewhere during the exploration, a haunt is triggered and one of the players becomes the traitor.

Once that occurs, the rest of the players have one set of rules for dealing with the haunt, while the traitor has another.

Betrayal at Baldur’s Gate is set for an October release.

Super Mario World to Get Mario Kart Ride

Work has officially begun on the location of Super Mario World.

Construction had been going on and off since the park was announced in December.

However, today the site hosted an official groundbreaking ceremony.

Nintendo and Universal also announced that there will be a Mario Kart ride, in the park.

The park’s budget has jumped from 50 billion yen ($454 million) to 60 billion yen ($545 million).

Super Mario World will be located at Universal Studios Japan, in Osaka.

They have a goal of opening before the Tokyo Olympics begin on July 24, 2020.