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Okkido’s Awesome Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor Cosplay

We caught a glimpse of one of Okkido’s cosplays and just had to talk about it.

Okkido made an Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor from Warhammer 40k and it is simply awesome.

There is some pretty impressive detail put into this beautiful cosplay.

She used worbla for most of the costume, and then paint and waxes to give it the special shiny look.

The weapons even have electric circuits so that they light up and make sounds when used.

We’ve put a gallery of some of our favorite shots of the cosplay, that we saw, as well as some ones of the build.

You can see more of Okkido’s cosplays on her Facebook, as well as more of the Inquisitor build in her album for it.


Spider-man Cosplayers Take Over Jetstar Airplane

A group of Spider-man cosplayers took over a Jetstar airplane.

Jetstar unveiled a jet with an advertisement for the upcoming movie Spider-man Homecoming.

As part of their unveiling ceremonies, the airline filled it with the cosplayers.

They held a contest for people to show off their best cosplays and then selected 40 to fly from Tokyo to Osaka, on a special flight.

The 40 Spider-men were apparently joined by a Tony Stark and a Deadpool.

And The Avengers also participated in the event.

Anna Faith Absolutely Nails Her Wonder Woman Cosplay

If you haven’t yet seen Anna Faith’s Wonder Woman cosplay, you’ve been missing out.

Her cosplay is so extremely detailed that she looks like she could be in one of the costumes from the movie.

Every bit of her cosplay shows that extreme care to get each tiny detail just right.

To add to it, she did a video for Cosplays and Coffee at Orlando’s MegaCon.

In the video, she acts as if she’s Wonder Woman with her first encounters with modern things.

The video comes complete with outtakes.

Don’t forget to check out Anna’s Instagram for her other cosplay adventures.

Hot Topic’s 3 Piece Wonder Woman Wedge Boots

Hot Topic has released a three piece Wonder Woman wedge boots.

They have specifically designed these boots to be used for cosplay.

Each wedge boot is made of three separate parts.

The full boot comes to above the knee.

However, unsnap the piece over the knee and you have another boot.

Unsnap the part over the shin and you have a wedge shoe.

All three styles maintain the 3 1/2″ heels.

Overwatch Rap Battle

We found a treat for you today and a fantastic way to open up our new Overwatch section to the site.

A group of French Overwatch fans got together and made a rap battle featuring characters from the game.

They also took the time to make some amazing cosplays.

For those of you who have never heard rapping in French, you’re in for an even bigger mind opener, as the video is completely in French, though there are English subtitles.

Everything about this video is quite well done.

Our only dislike is that more of the characters didn’t get to participate.

Is Groot Bob Ross’ Happy Tree?

Could Groot be one of Bob Ross’ happy trees?

It looks like it from this photo.

We received the picture, from a fan, in an email saying it was taken at Wizard World Philadelphia.

That con just took place at the beginning of the month.

We don’t know if the two were actually cosplaying together or if things just came together.

Either way, it is definitely an awesome photo.

We’d love to hear from the two cosplayers the story behind it.

If you are one of them or know them, reach out to us so we can find out.

RIPT Apparel Releases Wonder Moon

RIPT Apparel has released another design that caught our eye.

This one is called Wonder Moon.

It shows Sailor Moon but in Wonder Woman’s outfit.

The line is available in men’s and women’s t-shirts as well as a tank top.

Unfortunately, there is no children’s wear to this.