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Rumors Abound That Kris Marshall is The Next Star of Doctor Who

Rumors abound that Kris Marshall is to be the next Doctor on Doctor Who.

So far, the BBC is denying that they have made a decision, but Marshall has reportedly already reported for filming.

If he is filming as the Doctor already then it would suggest that Peter Capaldi won’t be leaving at the end of the season, but in the middle.

It would also mark the first time that the Doctor has regenerated in the middle of a season, rather than the end.

The surprise factor would give the BBC very solid reasons for categorically denying that anything was going on.

We’ll have to wait and see if there is a sudden surprise change during the middle of this season, which began just Sunday night.

Whoever is the next Doctor will be the 14th actor to play him, even though he’ll officially be the 13th, as John Hurt’s portrayal is “8 1/2”.

Rumors about Kris Marshall being the next Doctor began just days after Capaldi announced he would be leaving after this season, as Marshall almost immediately quit his job on Death in Paradise.

Marshall is also known from My Family, Love Actually, and Death at a Funeral.

Expectations of a Marshall Doctor are that he would be most similar to David Tennant’s, which was the most popular of the Doctor’s, since the show restarted in 2005.

The Master to Meet Missy on Doctor Who

Fans of Doctor Who are used to the craziness of time travel.

They’ve watched the Doctor meet himself, several times.

However, an encounter in this upcoming season will likely be one of the strangest.

Sometime this season, John Simm will return as The Master and he will meet Missy, played by Michelle Gomez.

For non fans, Missy is the regeneration of The Master, meaning she is his future self, or he is her past self.

This could prove to be the greatest challenge that the Doctor has ever seen.

Police Called to Separate Whovians Threatening to Battle Star Wars Fans

It seems that the galaxy may not be such a peaceful place, after all.

Police in Norwich, England were called about a fight at the University of East Anglia. They arrived to find Star Wars and Doctor Who fans squared off, against each other.

A sci-fi convention was being put on by the Norwich Star Wars Club. Over a thousand people attended the event, including two actors from the Doctor Who series.

When Doctor Who fans spotted the actors, they mobbed them asking for autographs. The Star Wars organizers of the event came to the actors’ rescue. Whovians took exception to this and words were exchanged. Reinforcements came to the side of the force, leading to the face-off between the two fan bases.

After watching security cameras, the police determined, that as no one had been even touched, no charges would be pressed. They did warn the two groups to stay apart and keep it peaceful.

Dr Who in 3D

The BBC has announced that a special Dr. Who episode is in the works.

For the fiftieth anniversary of the show, it will be filmed in 3D.

The show will air, on the fiftieth anniversary of Dr. Who, in November.

BBC executives are also working on some other big plans for the next TV season.

Their plans include a new show called Atlantis, that will be set in the city of myth, and a sequel to Pride and Prejudice called Death Comes to Pemberley.

However, the Doctor is still their biggest show, and so they are focusing a lot of work and attention on it.