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Han Solo on Hold After Directors Are Fired

Disney’s Han Solo film is currently on hold after both of the movie’s directors were fired.

Kathleen Kennedy fired both Phil Lord and Christopher Miller after the two repeatedly clashed with the movie’s writers.

The movie script was written by Lawrence Kasdan and his son Jon.

Kasdan was one of the writers for The Empire Strikes Back and Return of The Jedi and helped shape the character of Han Solo.

He returned to writing Star Wars specifically for this movie.

Apparently, Miller and Lord had been trying to twist the movie into more of a comedic direction than Kasdan had written.

Production of the movie is currently at a standstill until a new director is selected.

At this point, there is no effect on the movie’s release date and there likely won’t be as long as the spot is filled quickly.

Han Solo: A Star Wars Story is scheduled for May 25, 2018.

Deadpool Sings Parody of Gaston From Beauty and The Beast

We found a song that is perfect for Deadpool fans.

In this parody of Gaston from Disney’s Beauty and The Beast, Deadpool goes into a bar and ends up singing about how awesome he is.

Of course, he does so while fighting off dozens of bar patrons.

There are even in song cameos from Black Widow, Psylocke, Rogue, and Spider-man.

Wolverine even shows up for an after credits spot. How Marvel of them?

Just remember that this involves Deadpool, so it is R rated, definitely NSFW, and not appropriate for children.

Luke Skywalker Channels Moana’s Maui in You’re Welcome Parody

It all started when someone going by Parhelics drew some fantasy art and post it on Tumblr.

The picture was of Luke Skywalker singing to Rey, and they accompanied it with a verse to a song.

Said verse being a parody on Maui’s You’re Welcome song from Disney’s Moana.

His art piece and verse inspired OverEnglishMan to parody the rest of the song, sing it himself, and post it as a video on YouTube.

Disney Princesses Reimagined as Queen Mothers

Designer Nephi Garcia AKA Designer Daddy came up with an idea.

His idea was to design cosplay costumes for queen mother versions of Disney princesses.

He gathered six cosplayers, their mothers, and photographer Tony Ross to make his idea become reality.

Garcia had the cosplayers dress as the Disney princesses and their moms or mother in law dress as the older version of the same character.

The photos and costumes are stunning.

In one video, by Garcia, we a photo of each, with letters written by their daughters or son to them.

The other video is by Traci Hines, one of the cosplayers, and shows behind the scenes of the photo shoots.

And now we come to our gallery with a photo of each of the twelve costumes and their models.

For complete credits check out Garcia’s site.

Beauty and The Beast is Magical

Just a note that there are some minor spoilers included in this review.


Beauty and The Beast is simply magical. Not just the story, but also the visual scenery and backgrounds used. The beauty of the sunset used as Belle sings, about wanting more, is glorious and one of the most magnificent in movie history.

All of the acting was superb, with no weak spots that I noticed. The only role that, to me anyways, felt less was Mrs. Potts. That is not to say that there was anything wrong with Emma Thompson’s performance. It was simply that she wasn’t Angela Lansbury, and my childhood missed her.

There are several added scenes, all of which bring further depth to the story and even more life to the characters. Some of the additions were actually parts from the original fairy tale that hadn’t made into the animated movie. Other changes made the story make more sense, also adding to the sense of realism.

Beast’s transformation scene was toned down to not be as bizarre. I mean the whole light coming out of his fingers and toes really was just too much in the animated version. However, they did keep it’s expression of magic intact.

Josh Gad’s performance as LeFou was possibly one of the biggest differences. We watched him become disillusioned with his hero worship of Gaston until he realized it himself and changed. As for his “gay moment”, it was barely noticeable, especially to children, and no one should have been freaked out by it, as that part didn’t actually feel like a change to the character.

New songs also added to the story, with Beast’s song “Evermore” taking over the spot for my favorite song from the movie. A few times I noticed added lines, including some to old songs, but those too added to the whole.

In closing, I would say that this is by far the best live action remake, at least to this point. You should definitely go see it, as soon as you can.

Beauty and The Beast Set to Recapture Hearts

bandbIn 1991, Disney’s Beauty and The Beast captivated audiences. It did so through it’s beautiful animation and an amazing soundtrack.

On March 17, Disney will try to recapture hearts by releasing a new version of the movie, this one a mix of live action and CGI.

Impressively, they appear to be changing hardly anything, with the trailers almost matching shot for shot and word for word, what was released back in 1991.

This time around, Belle is played by Emma Watson, most widely known for her role as Hermoine in the Harry Potter movies. Dan Stevens, formerly known as Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey, will be playing the Beast.

The star studded cast continues from there, including Luke Evans, Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Ian McKellan, Josh Gad, Emma Thompson, Kevin Kline, and many more.

Everything released, so far, just makes the movie more highly anticipated. It will definitely be one to take the family to and come out of singing.

Monday saw Disney release what is supposedly the first minute of the film. Just like the trailers, it brings fans of the animated version right back to the story.

Preview: Maleficent

Disney released the first teaser trailer for Maleficent, on Wednesday.

The trailer shows that the movie will very likely be quite dark.

Though that is not surprising as this movie is the story of Sleeping Beauty, from the side of the evil queen, Maleficent.

Amanda Jolie is portraying Maleficent, while Ellie Fanning plays Aurora/Sleeping Beauty.

In the trailer, Aurora says that she knows Maleficent has been watching over her for a long time and wishes to meet her.

Maleficent will go back into the past and show how the queen became evil.

It hits theaters on May 30, 2014.