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Justice League Trailer Shows Heroes Coming Together To Face Steppenwolf

Warner Brothers has released a full trailer for Justice League.

The trailer starts with Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) stopping some sort of heist.

We then see several shots including a Superman memorial, The Daily Planet with a headline that reads “World Without Hope”, and Commissioner Gordon (J. K. Simmons) turning on the bat signal, while we hear reporters discussing the death of Superman (Henry Cavill) and that Batman (Ben Affleck) has not been seen since.

Cut to Diana Prince telling Bruce Wayne that, “They say the age of heroes will never come again.” He responds, “It has to.”

Diana says, “Something is coming” while we witness Steppenwolf (Ciaran Hinds) crash into the Amazon’s island, and Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) and her warriors face off against the intruder.

Aquaman (Jason Momoa) is seen, then Diana again, followed by a shot of Cyborg (Ray Fisher), Bruce Wayne staring at a hologram of what appears to be Superman, and Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) using a finger to push through some glass. Another shot of Steppenwolf, this time, with him smashing his weapon into the ground, causing fiery damage. During those shots, Steppenwolf talks about how there is no one to protect Earth and that “this world will fall, like all of the others.”

Alfred (Jeremy Irons) says, “One misses the days when one’s biggest concerns were exploding-windup penguins.”

Aquaman says, “This is crazy. Honestly, I think we’re all going to die.”

Wonder Woman tells the others, “Don’t engage alone, we’ll do this together.”

The Flash worrying that he’s never actually done battle, “I just push some people and run away.”

We see Cyborg taking over the Batmobile, “Relax, Alfred, I’ll take it from here.”

Lots of action shots, while Bruce Wayne says, “Superman was a beacon to the world. He didn’t just save people, he made them see the best parts of themselves.” Alfred says, “I don’t recognize this world.” Bruce responds, “We don’t have to recognize it, we just have to save it.” During all the action shots we get a glimpse of the Steppenwolf’s soldiers, who appear to be some sort of winged aliens.

Commissioner Gordon asks the assembled heroes, “How many of you are there?” Batman replies, “Not enough.” Gordon turns to ask something else, but all of them, except Flash, are gone, and he says, “O wow! They just, they really just vanish. That’s rude.” And then he too disappears.

In the last shot, Alfred is in the bat cave when something makes a drink shake. He looks up and says, “You said you’d come. Now let’s hope you aren’t too late.” We can’t see who he is talking to, but the way he emphasizes the word “hope” makes it feel like he could only be talking to someone who wears the symbol of hope on their chest.

Justice League comes to theaters on November 17.

Anna Faith Absolutely Nails Her Wonder Woman Cosplay

If you haven’t yet seen Anna Faith’s Wonder Woman cosplay, you’ve been missing out.

Her cosplay is so extremely detailed that she looks like she could be in one of the costumes from the movie.

Every bit of her cosplay shows that extreme care to get each tiny detail just right.

To add to it, she did a video for Cosplays and Coffee at Orlando’s MegaCon.

In the video, she acts as if she’s Wonder Woman with her first encounters with modern things.

The video comes complete with outtakes.

Don’t forget to check out Anna’s Instagram for her other cosplay adventures.

Los Angeles to Honor Adam West by Lighting Bat-Signal

Los Angeles is preparing to honor Adam West by lighting a Bat-signal.

West, who famously played Batman in the late 60s, died on June 9, at the age of 88.

To honor his memory Mayor Eric Garcetti and Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck will project the signal onto City Hall., on Thursday night beginning at 21:00 PDT.

The ceremony will take place on Thursday night beginning at 21:00 PDT.

Guests are allowed to begin arriving at 20:00, at 200 N. Spring St.

Cosplays will be allowed at the event.

Hot Topic’s 3 Piece Wonder Woman Wedge Boots

Hot Topic has released a three piece Wonder Woman wedge boots.

They have specifically designed these boots to be used for cosplay.

Each wedge boot is made of three separate parts.

The full boot comes to above the knee.

However, unsnap the piece over the knee and you have another boot.

Unsnap the part over the shin and you have a wedge shoe.

All three styles maintain the 3 1/2″ heels.

General Antiope Will Return in Justice League

WARNING: Wonder Woman spoilers ahead.

General Antiope will return in Justice League.

The character, played by Robin Wright, was introduced to DC fans in Wonder Woman.

Since she died in the Wonder Woman movie, it was thought she might be done.

However, we know now that she will be in the Justice League movie.

Due to her death, we can only assume that she’ll be in it as part of a flashback.

As the Justice League trailer showed us a rather large battle involving the Amazons, it could be that is where General Antiope will be seen.

Justice League is due out on November 17.

Zack Snyder Withdraws From Justice League Due to Family Tragedy

Zack Snyder has announced that he will no longer be directing Justice League.

His wife Deborah Snyder will also be stepping down from her role as producer.

Their family suffered a tragedy, when Zack’s twenty-year-old daughter Autumn committed suicide, in March.

They kept the tragedy quiet, burying themselves in their work, but now realize that they need to step away and focus on the other seven children in their family.

Our heartfelt sympathies and best wishes are with the Snyder’s and Denise Weber, Autumn’s mother.

Joss Whedon will be taking over Snyder’s directorial duties, which are mostly complete anyways.

Justice League remains scheduled for November 17.

Supergirl Wears Wonder Woman’s Boots in CW Promo

CW’s Supergirl brought out a promo for Wonder Woman, on Monday.

In the promo, someone wearing Wonder Woman’s bracelets hits a button on a jukebox, which starts a remix of These Boosts Are Made For Walkin.

We then focus on the red boots of Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) walking across the room, while her sister Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) is playing pool.

President Olivia Marsdin (Lynda Carter (who played Wonder Woman in the 1970s)) walks in the door and nods to Supergirl.

Suddenly Rhea (Teri Hatcher (Lois Lane in the 1990s)), the current villain in the show, materializes on the bar’s stage and we focus on her silver boots.

As everyone stops smiling and prepares for battle, Rhea looks over and says, “Nice boots.”

We then see Benoist sitting at the bar, dressed as Kara Danvers instead of Supergirl, but with Wonder Woman’s boots on.

She responds, “You like? I borrowed them from a friend.” and then smiles while flashing Wonder Woman’s bracelets, getting a wink from Carter, before we skip to scenes from the upcoming Wonder Woman movie.

It was a really great way to promo Wonder Woman, on the CW, while connecting the DC Comics characters.

Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot, hits theaters on June 2.