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Hasbro Announces Clue Comic Book Series

Hasbro has announced a new comic book series.

The six-episode series will be based on the board game Clue.

Paul Allor is set to write the series, while Nelson Daniel is doing the art.

It begins when a diverse group of people are all invited to dinner at a mansion.

However, during the night, the mansion’s owner is killed.

While there won’t be any obvious statements about who the murderer is, until the end of the sixth installment, there will be clues hidden throughout the pages of all issues.

Hunter Pence Opening Coral Sword: Coffee, Comics, & Games in Houston

For most people, Hunter Pence is probably just a major league baseball player.

However, Pence is also a huge nerd.

Towards that, he has announced that he will be opening Coral Sword: Coffee, Comics, & Games, in Houston, Texas.

Coral Sword will be a coffee shop and comic book store, with gaming rooms that can be reserved.

The store will be assisting people with learning how to podcast or stream.

Plans are also for gaming developers on hand to show off their newest games.

While the store is Pence’s project, he’s not the only one involved.

Alexis, his wife, who has a large following on YouTube is fully in on the store with him.

Ming Chen, from AMC’s Comic Book Men, and coffee experts David Buehrer and Sanford Bledsoe III are also involved in the Coral Sword.

The Coral Sword is set to open in September.

16th Annual Free Comic Book Day

It’s that time again, Saturday is Free Comic Book Day.

2017 is the 16th annual occurrence of the event, which takes place on the first Saturday of May.

2,300 comic stores are participating this year around the world.

They expect to give away nearly 6 million comics.

The books have been provided by 37 different publishers, who have provided more than 50 exclusive titles for the event.

To find a participating location, use this locator.

Some locations are hosting costume contests, raffles, signings, and guest artists.